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Panther, Black as night, A personal Favrotie Species

See them in there galleries, Pouncer struts out first, showing his versitality



Pouncer the Panther

Pouncer is A playful black panther, never outgrowing his cub personlity he is a feline of few words letting his actions speak for themselves. Surprisingly friendly and easy going once you manage to get it through his mind that your not just a snack. Not the smartest in the conventional sense and takes well to training... sorta.



RP Info

Pouncer is flexible in rping, While he can certainly be mean and rough at times he is much more often a sweet hunter. Pred mainly though convincing him to be a snack can be done with "Relative" ease through soft methods



Lace the Panthertaur

A female panthertaur, her personality is aloof in most cases, though she treats "most" panthers as equals and will make sure that they are protected... even if it's in one of her two large taur bellies, though the underside(Also called rear) stomach has twice the capacity of the front.